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What we do

Design For America (DFA) equips students in the practice of human-centered design for social good. Each year, teams immerse themselves in the Los Angeles community to develop insights, strategies, and projects that combat varying social issues.

Design thinking lies at the core of our practice.

Learn how to identify a problem scope, reframe, immerse, ideate, build, and test. At our studio, members are involved from ideation to implementation, with help from design experts, faculty advisors, and DFA headquarters.


A nationwide network of students using design innovation for social good.


Who can join?

We seek interdisciplinary minds who understand the importance of impact.

USC is ranked the second most diverse DFA chapter in the nation, with a size of 40 undergraduate students who span backgrounds of entrepreneurship, engineering, design and more.

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"Design is thinking made visual.”

saul bass  |  graphic designer